C r y o - Schippl

Cryogenics, technology at very low temperatures

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I am expert in the planning, design, operation and marketing of vacuum insulated transfer lines and
other cryogenic application for
LN2, LHe, LH2, LOX, LNG for more than 40 years.


for direct loading

Installation and Commissioning of a 200-m Flexible Cryogenic Transfer System

Vacuum Insulated Transfer Lines in

Innovative Pipe System for Offshore LNG Transfer
OTC 2008

Hybrid Energy Transfer Line of Hydrogen and Electricity
EUCAS 2007

HTS Bearing
7th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity 2006

Cryogenic Envelope for Long Length HTS Cables
EUCAS 2003

Very Low Loss Cryogenic Envelope for long HTS-Cables
2002 Houston

Flexible Superconducting Bus Lines for NIFS in Japan
ICEC 17 1998

Special Transfer Lines for the Spallation Neutron Source

Very Low Loss Liquid Helium Transfer with long Flexible Cryogenic LHe Transfer Lines 1989

JET Transfer Line